Donations in memory of John Quester

John Quester

John Quester


This page was set up in memory of John Quester, who so Kindly wanted to support Charlie. 

Charlie turns 11 this year and in 2011 He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; a life-limiting muscle wasting condition.

At the time of Charlie's diagnosis His family were told there was no cure for Duchenne, and that he will be fully confined to a wheelchair by age 14. 

Charlie is rapidly loosing the ability to walk, He is only 10. Once the ability to walk is lost, it is not something he will ever regain. By this point, so much will become totally impossible for Charlie; Charlie's family intend to make his home as safe and accessible as they can for him. They set up Chance for Charlie in hope that they will raise additional funds to contribute towards this project that is providing for Charlie's developing needs.

John always told us that he would play the lottery in hope that he would win and be able to contribute to Charlie's housing adaptions. Kathy and John's lovely family asked if they could collect for Charlie as they knew that it would make John happy, knowing that his passing could help make a difference to Charlie's life.