Claire Liggett

Claire is Charlie's mother and runs Chance for Charlie.

'It is my only hope that we raise awareness for Duchenne in hope for a better future for all children struggling with DMD. Charlie is my whole world and I will never give up fighting for his future.'


Kimberly Leamore

Kim has known Charlie since birth and is an avid supporter of Charlies cause. She is also one of our signatories on the Chance for Charlie bank account. Without a meeting to discuss possible purchases or funding and both signatories approving, money can not be spent. Kim does an excellent job at making sure the fund is spent wisely.


Denise Bowie

Denise is Charlie's great aunty, naturally she is very supportive of Charlie and Chance for Charlie. She recently agreed to be the second signatory and we are pleased she is now part of the team.